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LEASE Excess Wear & Tear Plans

A Lease Excess Wear and Tear Plan must be purchase at the time of sale from the selling dealer. Lease Wear and Tear Plans are available on FCA US vehicles of the current model year and through two preceding model years with no more than 5,000 miles on the odometer. Unfortunately, Zeigler Auto Group cannot sell these plans. The vehicles MSRP value also must be $75,000 or less, and must be for non-commercial use. Ask your selling dealer about the eligibility of the vehicle for Lease Wear and Tear Plans.

Turn Your Lease Worries into Peace of Mind! Leasing your vehicle is designed to be a worry-free experience. However, unexpected costs from vehicle wear such as interior stains, tire wear, chips, dents and dings can become a financial burden when you turn in your lease vehicle.

At the end of your lease, Lease Excess Wear and Tear Plan benefits can offset costs of excessive vehicle wear, short term lease plans can be used to waive up to $200 in excess mileage charges as well. With a Lease Excess Wear and Tear Plan you can relax and enjoy your vehicle even more, knowing you’re protected in the event of excess wear and tear.

Lease Wear & Tear Plans

5 Stars

Lease Maximum Care &

5 Stars

Lease Added Care Plus

4 Stars

Mopar® Vehicle Protection (MVP) Maximum Care and Added Care Plus Short Term Lease Plans protect you from unnecessary costs in the event of mechanical failure. For the most comprehensive cover age, Maximum Care covers over 5000+ mechanical components. Added Care Plus is another option that covers over 850+ mechanical components. Terms are available from 36 to 48 months. In addition to mechanical coverage, these plans also provide one lube, oil and oil filter change ($30 cap).

More Benefits

  • $100 Roadside Assistance
  • $100 Towing Allowance
  • $35 First Day Rental
  • $35 Per Day Car Rental Allowance
  • $600 Key Fob Repair/Allowance
  • $1,000 Trip Allowance

Mopar Lease Coverage Summary

  • Waiver of covered excess wear and tear charges up to a total of $5,000
  • Coverage of excess mileage charges up to $200
  • No deductible
  • Coverage of charges for missing parts valued at an aggregate of $250 or less

Examples of Covered Items

  • Paint wear and exterior surface dents, scratches, chips, pits or cracks, and discoloration
  • Interior upholstery surface rips, tears, stains, burns and spotting
  • Front and rear windshield and side glass chips
  • Carpet rips, tears, stains and spotting
  • Side and rear-view mirrors (glass surface and mechanical/electrical)
  • Front and rear door, hatch and tailgate rubber seals
  • Head lamps, tail lamps and light bulbs
  • Bumper, bumper covers, step bumpers and surrounding bumper trim
  • Convertible tops, including trim and moldings
  • Audio equipment, speakers and systems
  • Badges and body insignia
  • Tire wear
  • And much more …

Coverage exclusions may apply:1

  • Any itemized excess wear and tear charge that exceeds $1,000
  • Excess mileage charges in excess of $200
  • Any portion of the total charges for missing parts that exceeds $250
  • Repairs performed prior to lease agreement termination
  • Charges for alterations or modifications to vehicle
  • If vehicle is used for competitive driving, racing or a prohibited commercial purpose
  • Any charges caused by customer’s wrongful or intentional acts

1Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Addendum for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.

The Mopar Vehicle Protection Lease Excess Wear and Tear product is optional and is not insurance. All transactions related to the optional Mopar Vehicle Protection Lease Excess Wear and Tear product are governed solely by the provisions of the Mopar Vehicle Protection Lease Excess Wear and Tear Limited Waiver Addendum (“Addendum”). This document and its contents provide general information about the Mopar Vehicle Protection Lease Excess Wear and Tear product and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the Addendum for details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions. Not all vehicle models may be eligible for coverage. Please see your dealer for more information.

A sample copy of the is also in the Plan Provisions section of our Document Library.

If you would more information or want to purchase a Lease Excess Wear & Tear Plan, please contact your selling dealer for purchase details.