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Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan Information

Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans are available for new, certified and pre-owned (used) vehicles. Vehicles (including CERTIFIED) within 36 months of the original in-service date and with less than 36,000 miles are eligible for NEW Maximum Care, Added Care Plus, Powertrain Care Plus and corresponding Lifetime plans. Eligible vehicles older than 36 months past the in-service date and/or with more than 36,000 miles can be warrantied with USED Mopar Protection plans. Feel free to contact us with your VIN number if you are not sure of your in-service date.

Mopar Road Hazard/Tire and Wheel Plans are available for vehicles no more than 11 years old with no more than 100,000 miles. This plan provides full repair or replacement coverage for all 4 tires and wheels due to road hazard damage with no $ cap on plan coverage, plus the cost of mounting, balancing and stems for original equipment. Coverage also includes replacement of tire pressure sensor gauge and $0 deductible per repair visit. The plan’s Towing and Roadside Assistance is on a $100 “Sign-And-Go” basis.

Auto Appearance Care Plans provide unlimited ding and dent coverage on new and pre-owned FCA US and competitive-make vehicles for $0 deductible. The Paintless Dent Repair (PDA) Service Agreement will cover removal of any dings and dents on vertical panels and on horizontal panels no larger than 4 inches including the hood, roof and trunk that can be repaired using the PDA process.

Auto Appearance Care Plus Plans, in addition to providing the same dings and dents coverage, provides repair of windshield glass cracks of less than 6 inches and chips with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches, and interior soft trim damages of 2-inch maximum diameter to seats, door panels and floor mats. "Anytime Sale" Auto Appearance Care Plus Plans offered by Zeigler Auto Group allow for coverage of Pre-Existing conditions repairable with the PDR process.

Vehicles no more than 11 years old with no more than 80,000 miles are eligible to buy the Auto Appearance Care and Auto Appearance Care Plus Plans. (Certain restrictions apply. Auto Appearance Care does not cover any type of sharp creases, hail damage, environmental damage, rust/corrosion, surfaces where the paint has been damaged, or dents and dings on the roof panel when the vehicle has a sunroof or moonroof.)