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Get A Mopar Extended Warranty Quote in 6 Easy Steps

1. Enter the year and make of your vehicle in one of the "Quick Quote" boxes on the homepage and click Submit to proceed to the "Quick Quote Calculator" page. If you would like personal assistance or have questions during this process, you can call us and a Mopar Vehicle Protection specialist will be happy to assist you.

2. On the "Quick Quote Calculator" page select your Model and enter the Current Miles of your vehicle before entering your State of registration and the Plan(s) Desired. After clicking SUBMIT, you will be asked for details about your vehicle, extended service choices, and road hazard and auto appearance plan options if you chose those coverages. After you have completed the "Quick Quote Calculator" form, click the GET QUOTE button.

3. If you choose extended service warranty plans you will be directed to a list of available coverage plans based on the vehicle information and options that you have entered. Please choose your desired Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan option by clicking the appropriate SELECT button and a customized Quote will be generated for you. If you initially choose either Mopar Road Hazard Tire & Wheel, the Mopar Auto Appearance Care or both plans, these plans will be generated in the quote. You may change your deductible and other options in the quote as you desire.

4. You may proceed to the BUY NOW purchase screen, the SAVE & EMAIL screen to send the Quote to yourself, print an application with the Quote Number for your records or research more Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans by clicking the MORE PLANS button. If you initially did not select Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Plans or the Auto Appearance Care Plans and you now want to look at those plans, click the plan headings to open or collapse the coverage details in the quote.

5. At a later time, you may return to the point of purchase screen by simply clicking on the Quote Number of your emailed application or you can return to the Home page of our website and enter your Quote Number in the Review Quote box. Our quotes are good for 30 days. Quotes will be deleted early after a price increase from MOPAR. In this circumstance, we will send out notifications about price increases before the quote is deleted.

6. Once you have purchased a plan and get an emailed receipt, your Mopar Vehicle Protection Application, a product of FCA US LLC, will be processed by our vehicle protection experts and plan provisions will be emailed to you. We will mail you a hard copy of your service contract in 2-3 weeks, and Mopar Vehicle Protection Headquarters will mail another copy to you within 3-4 weeks. If you finance your plan, your first invoice will arrive from Budco, Mopar's finance company, in about 3 weeks. Coverage is immediate on the purchase date.