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Mopar Vehicle Protection Cancellation Request

The online Mopar Vehicle Protection cancellation date (not contract purchase date) for your Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan contract cannot be older than 90 days from today.

NO cancellation of a Mopar extended service warranty can be made ahead of today's date.

If you cannot complete your Mopar Vehicle Protection cancellation (purchased from us) on our website, please call us directly at 269.685.3557 so that we may assist you in cancelling your service plan.

If you did not purchase your Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan from Zeigler Auto Group, please call the dealer where you bought your plan or Mopar at 800.521.9922.

Further Explanation of Mopar Vehicle Protection Cancellation Process

Your online Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan cancellation must be done within 90 days of the date you sold or traded your vehicle. No online cancellation of a Mopar extended service contract can be made ahead of today’s date either.

If you are cancelling a Mopar service warranty contract you purchased from Zeigler Auto Group on a sold, traded, or totaled vehicle that is past 90 days of the actual date of cancellation, however, please 269.685.3557 for assistance in cancelling your contract.