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Moper Protect

Vehicle Eligibility for Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans

When can I purchase New or Pre-Owned Mopar Vehicle Protection, a product of FCA US LLC? What are the eligibility requirements?

For Vehicles Less than Three Years Old and with Less than 36,000 Miles

All New Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans, products of FCA US LLC, that provide mechanical coverage, can be purchased within 36 months and 36,000 miles from the original warranty start date (the date you or the vehicle's original owner actually took delivery of the new vehicle). If you buy a New Vehicle Mopar Service Contract after one, two or three years of purchasing the vehicle, a surcharge may be applied to the total cost. Convenience and Maintenance Plans may be purchased at any time.

For Vehicles Older than Three Years Old or with More than 36,000 Miles

Vehicles over three years old or have more than 36,000 miles can also qualify to purchase a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan. A Used Vehicle Inspection, however, must be completed by any authorized Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep or Fiat Dealer Service Center prior to completing the purchase. To download the Used Vehicle Inspection Form, please see our site Document Library.

For Vehicles with An Active Mopar Service Contract

Vehicles currently covered by an active Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan that will soon expire are also eligible for additional service contract coverage. During the quote process, simply indicate that your vehicle is over four years old or has more than 48,000 miles, and you will be directed to the available Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans that start on the purchase date of the warranty.

IMPORTANT: You will want to wait until the current contract is close to expiring based on years or miles because the extension contract supersedes the active contract on the purchase date. When extending an active contract, a vehicle inspection is not required.

For a complete list of vehicle eligible for Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans, see the Vehicle Class and Eligibility Guide in our Document Library.

Ineligible Models for Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans

Acura: NSX
Audi: A8, Q5, R8, R9, Six and Seven Series S Models
BMW: 545i, 550i, 6, 7, X5, X6, Z8 and All M Models
Ford: All Shelby Models, Mustang Cobra R, Foose F-150, Roush, Terminator, Saleen
General Motors: Cadillac XLR, CTS-V, V, Corvette Stingray and All "Z" Series, All Vehicles Equipped with a Northstar Engine
Hummer: Hummer 1 and Hummer 2
Maserati: All models
Jaguar: XJ, XK, XF, R
Lexus: LF-A, ISF
Mercedes: AMG, CL, G, S, SL, SLK, CLS, M, GL, SLS, Kompressor
Nissan: GT-R and Leaf
SAAB: All Models
Toyota: All Turbo Models
Volkswagen: Phaeton


  • Vehicles equipped with a Diesel engine (except FCA US, Ford, GM and Volkswagen vehicles)
  • Hybrid vehicles that operate on other than Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Systems (e.g., natural gas, electric, and hybrid, except FCA US vehicles)
  • Any vehicle where the factory warranty has been voided or restricted by the manufacturer
  • Vehicles registered as sold outside of the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico by the corporation
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVWR) of over 14,000 pounds (except Commercial Truck Coverage)
  • Vehicles placed in taxi or limousine service (except vehicles placed in van pool service), used for postal service (except FCA US), emergency service, ambulance service, police pursuit service or severe off-road use
  • Vehicles equipped with a Northstar engine
  • Vehicles equipped with engines having more than 8 cylinders (except FCA US vehicles)
  • Vehicles equipped for right-hand drive (except FCA US)
  • Motor homes
  • Vehicles altered or converted from the original manufacturer's specifications
  • Vehicles converted from two-wheel to four-wheel drive
  • Vehicles not used in accordance with manufacturer's specifications for payload and/or towing capacity
  • Any vehicle that is declared to be a total loss by any insurance company, is rebuilt after being declared to be a total loss, or is issued a certificate of title indicating that it is designated as "salvage," "junk," "rebuilt" or words of similar impact
  • Cab & Chassis and 1-Ton vehicles used for commercial purposes (except new vehicle Commercial Truck Coverage)